Since inception Ethicare remedies, which now is UBIK Solution Pvt. Ltd. is recognized by dermatologists for out-of-the-box ideas, products and challenging the status quo. That motivates us to use our creativity and innovation in WHATEVER WE CAN DO FOR DERMA FRATERNITY. WE ARE DETERMINED TO EMPOWER DERMATOLOGISTS WITH DISRUPTING PROJECTS – COME WHAT MAY!

Hurray!!! We are herewith 3 innovative projects, which will enlighten and serve as a go-to place for all dermatologists for getting wealth of knowledge & making your life easier.


41 entrepreneurial nuggets for dermatologists

A book which simplifies how to create & sustain thriving dermatology practice in an easy read of 41 bit-sized chapters. Pre-order your copy here

Ubik Solutions Pvt Ltd

Your Everyday Knowledge Source for your Practice growth.
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