Vitinext Plus Tablets

Vitinext Plus Tablets

Product Highlights

  • Ayurvedic preparation
  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects

Product Overview

  • Vitinext plus tablets are ayurvedic preparations to treat vitiligo.
  • It has all naturally obtained ingredients that are used in traditional and Chinese medicine system to treat skin disease.
  • It has khellin extract that will heal the pigmented part and conceal it.
  • Vitinext plus tablets has no side effects on the skin like irritation, blistering etc.


L-phenylalanine-300mg, khellin extract-100mg, L-tyrosine-100mg, Garlic-30mg, Chicori-30mg, Ficus Hispida-25mg, Picorrhihiza kurroa-18.5mg, Piper longum-15mg, Ela-11.25mg, Cuminum Cyminum-7.5mg, Zingiber Offinale-7.5