Wall Of Fame


Wall of Fame - May 2024

Appreciation for good work is a fundamental human need, and every good leader worth their salt knows it is one of the building blocks of a cohesive them. At Ethicare, we understand the importance to recognize those who have built our organization.

Our wall of fame pays tribute to employees who create a lasting legacy for our company. Having an entire wall of the office dedicated to the appreciation of employees with their pictures and contributions is Ethicarian way to recognize determination, strength, and hard work. 

Virtual Wall Of fame

Vinod Kumar M

Medical Representative

During the months of April and May, we assigned Vinod Kumar to an untouched area that neither he nor we were familiar with, including the local doctors. Vinod started meeting with the doctors in this new area, and through his efforts, more than 10 doctors have started giving us business. He is also actively involved in field activities and quickly adapted to our company culture, making his efforts appreciable.



Mr. Kishan Mehta's job is very challenging because he is connected with MIS tasks such as budget sheets, doctor analysis, profit sheets, and various other MIS-related tasks. He understands the importance of his work for predicting future decisions. He often works after hours, on Sundays, and late at night, so his efforts are highly appreciated.



During the Chennai meeting, we received a call from one of our doctors in Junagadh. The doctor mentioned that his closest friend's father had passed away in Mumbai, and they needed to move urgently from Mumbai to Junagadh. Mr. Idrisi and Mr. Sabat contacted air ambulance services and airlines to arrange the transport before the doctor's friend arrived in Mumbai. They handled everything efficiently, demonstrating exceptional commitment and treating the situation like family. As a result, the doctor called Mr. Niket to express his appreciation for both Mr. Idrisi and Mr. Sabat.